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Working with property owners and construction professionals to ensure an orderly and fair insurance claims process

Our Responsibility

Citizens Public Adjusters believes commercial property owners are in a disadvantage after they have a covered loss to their own property. The insurance company has their own adjusters, who solely represent the insurance company. Known as an independent and personnel adjusters, they’re paid by the insurance company, therefore it is impossible for them to be fair.

We promise to develop an independent assessment free from insurance company prejudice stating the full quantity of loss. We all know insurance policies and how to maximize your return. We understand your concerns and are ready to ease the process for you so that you can continue having the opportunity to continue to concentrate on family and getting your life back together.

Two decades of experience, mean the highest possible settlment amount in the shortest time.

A full team of licensed professionals that understand claims, construction, acturial tables, law, and project management.

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