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Fire Damage

Fire damage requires important short-term decisions from individuals that are under a tremendous amount of stress and confusion.

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A fire loss includes damages caused by smoke, soot, heat, the water used to extinguish the fire and the fire itself.  In the case of a severe fire, all of these components combine to make a residence or business uninhabitable and unusable.  Our first objective in preparing your claim for submission to your insurance carrier is to evaluate the scope of loss and damage as well as to analyze your insurance policy to see how it applies to the specific situations of your loss.

It must be determined to what degree the structure is damaged and how badly your personal or business property is affected.  Are these items and components repairable or are they a total loss?  It makes no economic sense to spend limited resources on repairs to items which will only be replaced in the end. This is one area where disputes commonly occur between the insured and the policyholder. One of the most common and potentially costly mistakes we see policyholders make is to sign authorization forms from “disaster restoration” firms which give these firms authorization to remove or attempt to repair items that may in fact be a total loss. This cost will be subtracted from the policy limits that may be needed to pay for items that are clearly a total loss.

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Filing a property insurance claim and successfully regaining your financial loss from hail damage can be very challenging given the many insurance policy coverage issues that arise and the discretionary nature of the insurance adjusting procedure.

Do not be based on the insurance company to let you know exactly what they want to pay you.

If a hailstorm is severe enough, visible damages ought to be obvious and undisputed by the field adjuster inspecting the damages and thus coverage of the loss should be verified early on during the process. This is the easy part.

Regrettably, we receive calls from policyholders who are offered partial fixes of roof and siding rather than appropriate replacement.

With many hail claims, there will be additional issues you will face such as the scope of compensation along with the dollar amount your insurance adjuster claims you are going to get paid awarded the insurance coverage terms and conditions.

Many times, the assigned insurance company’s instruction, expertise and knowledge of the type of adjustment process will play an essential role in the way your claim is equally settled and valued.

A frequent problem that arises is if you’ll be paid to replace the comprehensive roof or if a patch occupation is going to be provided as a partial repair.

While auguring over the scope of loss and price of the fix can look like a good thing, (at least the insurance company acknowledges that you get a covered loss) that there are a number of other cases where the insurance company will dispute that the damages were caused by hail, claiming previous wear and tear.

This is a standard dodge we see all over the nation and this is where you may need the expert help of a public adjuster which will represent your interests and be able to find technical with your insurer asserts staff.

Remember, knowledge and information is power. Do you know the questions to ask and what you are entitled to within an insurance loss adjusting process from a hail event?

In case you have irreparable harm to a modified bitumen roof, then a build up roofing, sprayed polyurethane foam program, metal roof, cedar shingle roof or some other range of tile roofs, chances are you have recoverable damages because of a severe hail event in your community. Your roof is one the most crucial building components of your premises.

You need to have the damages recorded and the adjustment process completed professionally to get you correctly indemnified to your loss.

A reasonable and honest settlement to properly restore your roof damage and any other siding house damage is not only important to guard your biggest property investment but also needs to be in the best interest of your insurance provider too.

Two decades of experience, mean the highest possible settlment amount in the shortest time.

A full team of licensed professionals that understand claims, construction, acturial tables, law, and project management.

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We promise a 2 hour turn-around time for urgent cases that demand immediate attention.

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